The Base Coat is a Malaysian brand that is founded by Joanne Lim; A local girl from Borneo who is passionate about creating an instant gratification manicure that is hassle free, convenient and at the same time affordable. With that, Joanne took the time to research on how to create high quality Press-On Nails. The Base Coat carries various design of press-on nails ranging from minimal, edgy, cute and many more. Our product are each 100% handmade with care by our team. Each set is unique and different as the accessories are meticulously picked and decorated by us. The Base Coat aims to help those who have a busy work life schedule by reducing the time it takes for them to walk out with the perfect set of nails. Our goal at The Base Coat is to continue to create trendy, beautiful and top notch quality press-on nails at a fraction of nail salon prices. We strive to improve and welcome any constructive criticism.

During the pandemic in 2020, Joanne first had trouble finding ways to offer nail salon services to others without the risk of spreading the virus. This sparked the idea of re-creating salon-worthy regimens that her customers could do even on their own in replacement of the cherished grooming ritual. Thus, The Base Coat was created. The idea of press-on nails date back to the 50s and have made a comeback as many are trying to sport a fresh pair of manicure in this era of social distancing. Joanne got her inspiration to make handmade press-on nails not only to help protect your nails but to also ensure that each set is made with top-notch quality. At the age of 18, Joanne wishes to inspire other people her age to have the courage to pursue anything that you have passion about; even if many doubt your ability. Want to work with us? We are always up to collaborate with brands to share good content and new products with our community. If you would like us to review your product or to collaborate in any form, you may reach us out at [email protected]. Thank you.